You Are Not a Burden- Eating Disorders and Addictions are Simply Shit

I think I want to write about trust,  and being alone. Firstly. YOU ARE NOT A BURDEN. I do not care too hoots and a oreo if you are a mother, father, brother, sister, girlfriend, boyfriend, daughter, son or friend.

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The Battle, the Blood, the Storm & the Sun.

Have you ever given up? Or made the decision to turn your life around, change something, anything, everything?  Last year, I kind of gave up. You’re in that awful place where you’re semi-recovered from depression & all the self-destructive addictions

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Keep on Keeping on – Giving up isn’t getting out.

Good Charlotte’s “Hold On” is a great song. “This world, this world is cold. But you don’t, you don’t have to go.” It’s important to keep on keeping on. It’s important to keep moving, to keep going. No matter the

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